Who we are

The JNV Alumni Association (JNVAA) is a NON-PROFIT organization, registered with government of Odisha, India on 13th August 2013. Its members are only students graduated from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Rengali/Sarang since 1993.
Now it is one of the top most schools in the state of Odisha not only for its achievements in academics but for its excellence in every field like sports, co-curricular activities, cultural functions, social services etc towards local society and the nation at large.

As on this date this pious institute has already sent out 0 students [till Academic Year 2005-06] who are the Alumni to seem the sagacious glory of the Alma Mater.


The JNV Alumni Association (JNVAA) of Rengali/Sarang has below few point as it's initial vision:

(a)  To promote value and preserve culture in India .
(b)  To promote socio cultural activities and establish fraternity.
(c)  To assist the institution in achieving further excellence in admission, academics and in fostering as a pace setting unit.
(d) To induct and groom the younger generation of the institute to carry forward the glory of JNVs and the cater belongingness to the institute and the motherland.
(e)  To serve the objectives of excellence coupled with equity and social justice.
(f)   To promote creative intelligence.
(g)  To inculcate eco-friendly attitude.

About Alma matter

When the sun has mellowed down and the wind had gone increasingly moistening, buffering and tossing colourful flowers and foliage; when the wavy azure Rangarathi hill was glistening with yellow leaves and red Palas petals and scattering fragrance from bushy brakes; and when the wrapped shepherds in the foggy morning with their uncanny herds were adding scenic beauty in the valleys, in that very serene winter of 1986 came up our Alma Mater-Navodaya Vidyalaya, Rengali with pride and valor. How scintillating was the location really with the rushing flow of river Brahmani at the south, the exotic hill ranges spreading from east to north, and the busy Dam Project engineer's township on the west !

Flashback!!! Yes, how can we forget the thrill, the ecstasy, the emotion of childhood heart ,and the new ambition, new resolution with maiden cherishment of parents in that New Year of 1987 at Rengali dam site of our the then Dhenkanal district while taking admission in new Class-VI ! The long 26 years takes us to the world of nostalgia? How we came as kids unaware and careless about our own health, dress, food, studies etc???? How we floated about ourselves in dreams? How we hallucinated ourselves in aspirations? And so on. Yes the morning prayer and the evening Saraswati Vandana, the inter-house competitions with mild competitive rage among us ? The evening last goals in foot ball, the sixers of our cricket players, the marvels of cultural meet? Ohh, how can we ignore the first filial love of our teachers and other staff members. The first Principal Mr. K.A. Gupta's guidance and inspiration, the mathematical tricks of Mr J.C. Sahoo, the marvels of drawing with jokes of Mr. M.K. Panda, the odia recitation and incantations of our loving teacher, Mr. A.C. Sahoo, the advice with immeasurable love of our Jena Sir, and above all, the persistent and indelible affection and affinity of our beloved Bal Sir.

Really now it breeds a longing to be back by even more than 25 years as our beloved Vidyalaya had come up and then flourished at Rengali, and then subsequently augmented its stand to the pinnacle of growth and reputation at Sarang on the bank of the same auspicious river Brahmani proclaiming persistent, proud flow of progress and prosperity.

Well, it is high time to be realistic to prove ourselves true products by dint of our work and dedication for our Alma Mater that has set us as models of a tribe of doctors, engineers, professionals, officials and after all, true citizens of our motherland. Even some of us have crossed the national boundary and are in alien pastures and it, all has been possible for our base at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Saranga, DHENKANAL. [JNV Rengali formerly]

Therefore let all of us rush back to embrace and mingle with the present students and staff members to revive the old bond in the lovely campus at Sarang by sintering the momentous of true ALUMNI with clear missions.

JNV Sarang (Rengali formerly) Address

Address for communication: Navodaya Vidyalaya, Sarang: JNV Sarang, Dhenkanal, Odisha, India, 759120.
Telephone: +91-6760-xxxx-xxxx
Present Principal: Mr N.C Kar
Facebook Page: jawaharnavodayavidyalaya.dhenkanal

Managing committee

President - Mr. Jasobanta Sahu
Vice President - Mr. Basudev Sahu
General Secretary - Mr. Shiva Prasad Yadav
Treasurer - Mr. Bishnu Maharana

Executive Members

  • Mr. Madan Sundar Nayak
  • Mrs. Sarita Rath
  • Mr. Kartik Ch. Sahu
  • Mr. Sarbeswar Bishwal
  • Mr. Rabiranjan Mohanty
  • Mrs. (Dr.) Krishna Pradhan
  • Mr. Bikash Samal
  • Mr. Devi Prasad
  • Mr. Krishna Chandra Nayak