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Welcome to Alumni Association of JNV Dhenkanal!

The Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV), is one of the India's finest co-ed residential schools, preparing students from rural background and helping them excel in each and every sphere of life. The basic founding education, along with emphasis on extra-curricularactivities, is imparted by excellent teachers that make each of them champions of their future stream of higher education. She not only creates good students academically, but also builds a good human being for the society. Her students have a strong sense of loyalty and responsibility towards the alma mater & fellow navodayans. There's always a sense of belongingness when navodayans meets each other. What culminates thereafter is a strong network of enthusiastic people that lifts the belongingness of JNV to a horizon of collaboration.

Support for JNV is an investment in bringing rural brilliant students to the main stream. After a quarter century, the Vidyalaya had produced students for global competitive space. JNV alumni association (JNVAA), Rengali/Sarang has to be a part of her efforts to nurture future generation students who will take the world on their stride.

The JNV Alumni Association (JNVAA), Rengali/Sarang started in 2000, is a NON-PROFIT organization, dedicated towards building a network of JNV Rengali/Sarang alumnus to foster and promote the JNV brand. Though in its germination stage, the zest and energy of its pretty young members have allowed the JNVAA to achieve several commendable targets. But its aims and aspirations are very high and hence expectation from each one of us is also at all time high!

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